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Key Benefits:

  • Learn what channels (including search, social, email and ads) drive the most traffic, so you know which channels to spend more time on. 
  • Figure out where your site is leaking money by tracking the flow of users from product page to cart to checkout.
  • Understand which products customers are interested in by comparing traffic, transactions and revenue across products.
  • Determine what your customers are looking for by seeing which pages they land on from search engines.


  • Track basic data including sessions, users and events with Universal Analytics.
  • Integrate Enhanced E-Commerce AnalyticsShirt Above Seas T Dark Cut wTqRI7fxx0 to get basic eCommerce data, including cart actions and product views.
  • Exclude visits from administrators to get a more accurate picture of customer data.
  • Support for Display Advertising.

Technical Details:

A free Google Analytics account is required to use this extension

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Wallace Boutique Cardigan Wool Boutique Wallace Eq757U Wallace Boutique Cardigan Wool Boutique Wallace Eq757U
Materials 77% Wool, 16% Polyester, 7% Metallic