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Wistia’s video analytics show you the story behind each view. Discover who’s been watching your videos, how much of each video they’ve watched, and which videos are providing the most value to your business.

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Viewer-based tracking

Wistia identifies and tracks the people watching your videos, and makes it easy to sort all of the data with the Selling Apparel Apparel Casual Alternative Alternative Casual Selling Dress Dress wqI1gnpT. Send this data to your analytics platform and CRM in order to score leads, measure assisted conversion, or track playback for groups of users.

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Video heatmaps

Wistia’s heatmaps show you exactly which parts of your video each individual viewer has watched, re-watched, and skipped over. This data tells you if your videos are resonating with your target audience in the right way, and allows you to bring those learnings into your production process.

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Boutique Top Body Boutique Swimsuit Top Body Glove Boutique Glove Swimsuit Engagement Graphs

Wistia Engagement Graphs compile your audience's viewing behavior. This comprehensive view conveys audience trends, like rewatches, drop-offs, and interactions with your video. With all of this data in one place, you can quickly discover which videos are successful, and which might need some improvement.

Direct, actionable data

On each video’s Stats page, you’ll find a quick summary of how that video is performing. This view shows you how well your video is retaining viewers, and you'll also find the conversion rates for your Timeline Actions. From here, you can assess how your audience is responding to different content and use this information to improve your future efforts.

Google Analytics integration

If you’re already using Google Tag Manager or a GA script, we have good news for you! Wistia automatically publishes video events to your Google Analytics account.

Marketing automation integrations

Want to really take advantage of all of the data Wistia collects? Our advanced integrations with HubSpot, Pardot, and Marketo allow you to score leads, create drip campaigns, and rock out with all of your video data.

Improve your video tracking!

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